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29-09-2018 Radio ñ (The Hague)
13-10-2018 Wild Combination #1 (Brussels)
17-01-2019 Bombay Soundclub  (Mumbai)

 -a l i t t l e h i s t o r y-

Anouk Visée is a particular singer-songwriter from The Hague with a dreamy deep sound and a broad variety of releases and performances.

She grew up in a commune on the small island ‘Texel’ living together with many different but open minded nature loving people, listening to her dad’s records of Nick Drake, America and Ry Cooder and Ali Farka Touré. Since a very young age, music was a way of living rather than a form or matter.

She traded nature grounds for city life when turning 17 and inhibited cellars of Amsterdam clubs like Trouw and Studio 80 where she discovered electronic music and started making her own sounds in between traveling many foreign countries and working on her guitar play and writing skills.


Anouk played with different acts in well known venues and festivals like Paradiso, De Melkweg, Het Patronaat, De Zwarte Cross and Watergate in Berlin. But also in the living rooms of the IKEA, on meadows, in saunas, on Ruigoord and terrible business events. She appeared on Radio Voicemail, wrote music for Welcome To The Future and sang on Mysteryland.

She released electronic music under larger labels such as All Day I Dream and RAM in collaboration with DASO, Bog, Deeb and June Miller. Her first EP ‘Party Time’ came out quietly in 2015, recorded in an old attic on the Albert Cuyp market with a very acoustic sound. Her second EP ‘Human / Nature’ appeared on May 4, 2018 and was compared to a love baby from Radiohead, Nick Drake and Feist.

Currently recording new music together with Wieger Hoogendorp, well known guitarist and producer.


Pictures made by Erik Smits