Upcoming Shows & More Music

-s h o w s-

23-11 Radio ñ @ The Grey Space  The Hague  (23:30)

06-12 Radio Radio @ Amsterdam (20:30)

-f o r  b o o k i n g s-


‘Cotton’ released april 2019 on Connaisseur Recordings

Human/Nature released may 2018 on Farmers Daughters Recordings

 -a l i t t l e h i s t o r y-

VISEE is Wieger Hoogendorp and Anouk Visee. Driven by melancholic 80’s synths, intelligent house music and old Americana guitar sounds, they joined forces, releasing their EP ‘FINT’ November 22nd. Performing at night clubs, festivals and occasional an acoustic show at smaller venues.

Wieger is known as Caro Emerald’s guitarist, playing at famous stages all over the world and producing music for commercials and different Dutch artists. Anouk had successful collaborations with German producers like DASO and companies like ID&T but is also known for her touching performances as one-woman band ‘Anouk Visee’ playing Paradiso and Het Patronaat.

VISEE wants to create music that’s uplifting as well as soothing. Writing about personal issues as well as addressing bigger phenomena such as climate change and equal rights. VISEE shapes a different world with sound as well as changing the world we live in.

Picture by Erik Smits