Anouk Visée is a Dutch singer-songwriter known for her repetitive songs, her dreary but bright voice and her use of acoustic instruments in modern electronic music. New EP coming this spring.

Bookings: boekanouk@venz.org


17-02 Support act ANEMARY @Saturnus Live (Scheveningen)
04-03 Nieuwelaan (Delft)
15-08 Convoi de Fete (Holland)
25-08 Mysteryland (Haarlemmermeer)

 a l i t t l e h i s t o r y

 Growing up, Anouk lived on the Dutch island ‘Texel’, where the different seasons have a big impact on the way its locals experience life. In summer time the island is overflowing with tourists celebrating holidays: it is busy and colorful, noisy and bustling. Once fall arrives though, most people leave the island, which together with the fading light makes the villages seem bleak and abandoned. These colder more introspective months were perfect times to listen to singer-songwriters like Nick Drake, Feist and Dewey Bunnell: those who inspired Anouk to write music that is melancholic and dreary.

Living in Amsterdam during her 20’s shaped her view on life and music again. The city; it’s night life, her job as social worker and education researcher challenged her to think about what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘odd’. She got inspired by  electronic music like James Blake and Schwarzmann and started experimenting with genres and audience participation.



Anouk played a couple of leading Dutch stages like ‘Paradiso’ ‘Melkweg’, ‘Mezz’ and ‘Het Patronaat.’ But is also known for her interest in playing at odd spaces like sauna’s, farms, IKEA living rooms, Techno raves and so on. She worked together with multiple electronic producers like B0G, June Miller and Daso, leading into releases on RAM records and All Day I Dream. Her first EP called ‘Party Time’ was released spring 2015 and dedicated to the down sides of Amsterdam night life. Floris Visser, a Rotterdam based artist whom she worked with on his Radio Voicemail, made the art work.

She’s currently living in The Hague, playing live as well as recording with different producers, working on an album.


Pictures are made by Erik Smits